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Featured Flash Games

Sports games

Disk Golf

disk golf!!

Frat boy beer pong

frat boy beer pong

Extreme Heli Boarding

Extreme Heli-boarding

Mini Putt 2

mini putt 2

Pinch Hitter 2

Awsome baseball game in which you have to complete tasks set for you in different stadiums.
Puzzle games

Plumber 2

Being a plumber is hard work.


The classic game of simon.

The Impossible Quiz

Give it your best shot and try not to get shot.

The Egg

Figure out how to get the egg in the hole.

Shift 2

Get your little man to the door with out killing him!
Skill games

Curve Ball

Curve Ball


Can you make them all go boom?

Contour Game

Very cool Marbel game where you have to get your marbel to the goal! Do you have the skill to do it?

Undercover Ops

Tricky stelth game, Sneek your way though the levels and slicing up the bad guys!

Mass Attack

This is a tricky game in which you have to balance the scales as close as you can. Each level gets harder and harder
Action games

Thing-Thing 2

Fight your way through hordes of enemies in this fast paced 3rd person shooter.

FL Tron

Play the classic Tron in a new flash format!

Gun Run

Gun Run

Bowmaster Prelude

bowmaster prelude

Streets of Fire

Run like crazy and burn as set as many houses on fire as you can.
Adventure games

Security 2

Security 2

City Jumper

Addictive city jumper game

Castle Run

Escape the castle and collect as many coins as you can!

Spongy Escape

Help spongy escape from the cell, get all the energy foods in the air by pressing UP arrow key to jump and avoid from getting toxic foods in the air and obstacles on the track.

Harry The Hamster2

Harrys heard stories about a golden hamster wheel built by an Egyptian pharoah for his precious pet.The ten pieces of the wheel are now scattered across the world,so youll have to guide Harry through pipes and along paths,avoiding hostile rats and clearing obstacles.To complete the game. Collect all the 10 pieces and return home.
Card & Casino games

Texas Hold em

texas hold em

Ace Blackjack

ace blackjack

21 Deluxe

Play blackjack 21 with 4 rows at once, the objective is to get as many 21 combination as possible within a given time frame.

Duel Adventure

Battle it out using cards with power and magic!


The objective is to run all the way to the goal while escaping the scorching lava that runs throughout the stage. You can transform into 3 different creatures with their own unique abilities to overcome various obstacle.
Strategy games



Flash Element TD

Fend off hordes of scum!

The Battle

Winning this game can be tricky so building the right army to fight the the other team is the key! Good luck!

Sea Of Fire 2

Build your base buildings, train soldiers and construct vehicle units to destroy your opponents base.

War Zone

Defend your base in this cool Tower Defense style game!
RPG games

Shadow of the warrior

shadow of the warrior

Stick RPG

Stick RPG

The Adventures of Guy

the adventures of guy

Athalina RPG

athalina rpg


Awesome game! This game is very well done incredible gameplay. Take the tutorial quick to get use to the player movement and this game will keep you playing for hours.
Classic games

Helicopter Classic



classic frogger game

Bubble Trouble

A classic, bubble trouble



Ultimate Flash Sonic

Sonic is known world wide. The cool blue hedgehog battles his way through the levels to get to the biggest enemy of all!
Multiplayer games


tank game


classic bowling


Great game to play against a friend, or even against the computer if you feel your good enough! Take control of the Hexxagen!

Bomber Man

Bomberman needs to blast his way through the rock and hedge maze and then start a bombing war with little pumpkin boy. Enjoy!

Crystal Clear

Match a minimum of 5, same colored crystals to clear them off the board. BROKEN crystals explode everything around them, when cleared. When moved, HEART crystals change the color of nearby pieces. LOCKED Crystals cannot be moved. Good Luck!
Misc games

Sober Santa

Guide drunk santa around, dont let him fall off the roof!

Boneless Girl

the boneless girl

Fuzzy 2

Fuzzy McFuzz is back! More mindless violence than a bottle of mindless violence!

Whack Your Boss

Can you find every possible way in the office to whack the boss?

Kaleidoscope Reef

Can you make the coastal coral grow again? Can you give marine life homes again after a terrible accident? Show off your coral growing skills in this game!