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In the future this is where articles will be where Articles will go.

What are Articles you ask?
Articles are rants or stories written by users. Whats that you say? You want to write an article? Feel free to contact us here
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What are the benefits of being a writer for BanThis!?
(Besides the prestigious title) BanThis! writers are paid per article written. When you contact us we can speak over pricing. Writing for BanThis! is a great opportunity to get your creative writing skills known, while making a quick buck!

We are currently looking for THREE writers. If youre interested, dont hesitate to apply!

Writers Needed

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Bullia Latin Female Fighter Episode 2. Bullia is still going without a job. But suddenly Bullia finds out a way to make easy money. Bullia reads in a flysheet that there are female fights in different night clubs in the city where the winner gets a cash prize. Bullia knowing that she is very good kicking other girlsĀ“asses decides that she would try to compete in this king of events. But soon Bullia finds out that no only she has to beat the shit out of other woman but also she needs to execute a sexy performance to the nightclub public before any fight starts. Any way at the end Bullia always is happy because she knows how to kick ass but the night clubs managers are no so happy because they think that Bullia would scare future female contenders and the public would stop to come to the night shows. You can see this story in : http://www.images4sale.com/store/61585

oswaldo Posted 2340 Days Ago

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Just wondering what I need to do to apply for the writing position? Cheers

Hayley Posted 3851 Days Ago

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It\'s true.

Troy Posted 3982 Days Ago

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